10 Ways to Get Motivated for Your Workout

We all know we should workout but do we? At the end of a tough day, it’s tempting to curl up in front of the TV with a bowl of chips and settle down for a long afternoon of noshing. We have no energy left for much of anything. With these 10 motivational tips, you’ll be sure to ditch your old habits and conquer your workout. Remember: You are worth it :)

1. Workout in the morning: Fresh out of bed with a whole day ahead of you, you’ll be at your peak energy for the day. Plus, life hasn’t gotten busy yet so nothing will come up to prevent you from squeezing your workout in.

013 2. Eat breakfast: Fueling up will give you a reason to workout. Eat a balanced breakfast of carbs and protein. With all that energy, you’ll be able to kill your workout! See my http://sunnysideupsmile.com/2013/06/19/double-chocolate-peanut-butter-overnight-oats/ for an easy breakfast recipe!

001 3. Put your workout clothes out the night before or sleep in them: How silly would you look if you slept in your workout clothes and then didn’t work out? ;) If you sleep in your workout clothes, you will already be mentally prepared to get out there and go.

002 4. When you do work out, record your post-workout feelings in a journal: While those endorphins and adrenaline are still raging, write down how good you feel after your workout in a journal. If you remember that sense of accomplishment and pride, you’ll be more apt to get out there and get moving!

037 5. Make a new playlist: When my music is overplayed or uninspiring, I am much less likely to be motivated to workout. New tunes certainly make we wanna dance (or run) to the beat. I especially like Songza for motivating workout playlists.

songza 6. Challenge yourself: If you do the same gym workout or running loop everyday, you’re gonna get bored quickly. Change it up: take a class (hot yoga, Pilates, spinning, anything!), try a different gym routine- do your normal rotation backwards, incorporate new strengthening exercises, run a new loop, beat your old pace or look up workouts on YouTube!

spinning 7. Grab a friend: Workouts can get lonely fast- especially if you don’t particularly love what you’re doing. Call one of your best buds or even better, someone whom you look up to as a fitness role model. Scheduling a sweat sesh ahead of time means that you HAVE to workout.

friends running 8. Write it down: Your workout becomes not only an idea, but a reality when you get it on paper. For example, write down your top 3 fitness goals for the day and you’ll be more likely to accomplish them. *Bonus: you get to cross them off the list when you’re done!

042 9. Do something that makes you feel strong or beautiful: Put on makeup, wear those cute new running shorts you got, look at your super toned muscles ;) Whatever it is for you, feeling confident and amazing will make you feel like you can conquer your workout too! Plus, if you look good, you’ll want to get out there and show it off ;)

028 10. “JUST DO IT”: Stop making excuses. Don’t even think about it anymore. Turn off the computer and go!


Did you kill your workout today? Are you going to?

I believe in you.

<3 Maggie

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2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Get Motivated for Your Workout

  1. Great list. I got up super early this morning and starting working out…before 6 a.m. I feel great and it was hard. I am on a virtual personal training program from workoutnirvana.com. It’s awesome. I have my worksheets and I mark things off, make notes, and then send her an email about my impressions. I love it and it’s strengthening me.

    I’m constantly looking at my arms. It makes me feel good.

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